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My husband, Brett and I live in beautiful South Africa and have been blessed with the most precious family. We have 2 very beautiful and brave daughters, Tianna and Angelee and a very precious little boy called Zac who touched our hearts forever in his 1 day here on earth. We never would have imagined that we would have to live this side of Heaven without our sweet boy who was born with half a heart, but every day Jesus carries us through and is teaching us more than ever how to live, laugh and love fully. A year and a half later, our faithful Great Restorer graciously blessed us once again with another son ... our beloved Gabriel ... a ray of sunshine in all our lives! This blog has been a place where I have been able to journal my journey through loss, hope and choosing to live a life rich in love.

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28 January 2013

He is HERE and we are HOME!

I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness my heart feels to be able to write to you today that "Our son is HERE and we are HOME with him!". It has been the most incredible few days! Thank you so much to every precious person who has prayed for us and encouraged us throughout our entire journey over these last 17 months. We are bubbling with joy to introduce you to our beloved Gabriel Robinson.
As you can imagine we have hundreds of photo's of this little cutie pie, but they are all loaded on Proud Daddy's computer. I just have a couple to post today as little one sleeps and I tear my eyes away from his cuteness for a quick few moments to share his big arrival. The above picture was taken about an hour and a half after his birth, after his first birth. Gosh! This precious boy has some serious vocal capacity when it comes to bath time :0) Other than that he is so very peaceful and content. We just adore him! 
He is by far the biggest baby we have ever had. He weighed in at 3.44kgs and is 52cm long. Having said that, he is still so tiny in our arms and we are soaking in every moment of his 'newborness'. I'm all too aware of how quickly they grow! So if I'm not too chatty over the next little while, you know that this besotted mommy is cooing over her precious little boy :0) 
So here are a few pics of his birth.
 My first cuddle! It was surreal to have this special skin-to-skin time with our boy. Forever special memories!
 Do you think we could possibly smile any bigger?! I love how Brett's eyes are dancing with delight! What an amazing husband and daddy He is. I love him so much!
 This is what a relieved and overjoyed mommy looks like :0)
 Newborn precious feet.
 He scored 9 and 10 for Apgar tests ... just like his big brother did. 

 I still want to cry when I remember seeing these 2 beautiful brave sisters meeting their second little brother for the first time. They were simply in awe and it was love at first sight. 
 Tianna and Gabe :0)
Leelee and Gabe :0)
 Daddy and Gabe :0)
 Our happy family :0) I just KNOW that our Zaccie got to see it all and giggle in joy with us.  
Happy mommy and daddy bringing our son home into his nursery. Overjoyed!
Thanking you all once again for delighting with us at this momentous time in our lives. 
All our love xxx
Brett, Janine, Tianna, Angelee, Zac and Gabriel

23 January 2013

One last little sleep!!!

I want to giggle, do a crazy-happy-dancing-jig and laugh out loud because tonight is the last sleep!!! 
We are just hours away from meeting our son face to face! No matter how much I try to write, I will never be able to express just how full of love, thankfulness and expectation my heart is right now. God has gone to the highest heights to show us blessing every moment of this pregnancy. So while I don't have all the words to express all that I feel right now, I will share with you a few of the precious photo's I will deeply treasure celebrating being able to carry this little boy safely to his appointed birth day tomorrow morning. 



Thank you precious Jesus for these 4 precious children that you have entrusted to us ... Tianna, Angelee, Zac and now Gabriel. We are forever thankful that you chose us to be their parents for all eternity. I know that tomorrow Zac will be laughing in pure delight as he celebrates with us from his Heavenly home. Our hearts know peace and joy as we prepare for this precious moment. 
All my love xxx

22 January 2013

2 ...

2 more sleeps ...
This preggy mommy had a WONDERFUL and very busy day! A  pampering manicure and pedicure from my friend and such a fun preggy photo-shoot on the beach! I am blessed and so looking forward to seeing how it all comes out. What a beautiful reminder of just how special every moment of this pregnancy has been to us!

It's been go, go, go getting all the loose ends tied up before I go into hospital on Thursday. I've only just got home from school class meetings and am about to start work on a month end report for my hubby's business, so there has been no time for any picture posting today.

Totally grinning in my exhausted state that when I wake up in the morning I can say "tomorrow"!!!

Till tomorrow ;0)
All my love,

21 January 2013

3 ...

3 more sleeps!!!
To say that I feel blessed, giddy with joy and so loved would be putting it too lightly. I honestly feel SATURATED and cocooned in God's amazing love! He is spoiling me from every angle through so many precious people. I feel so loved. Messages keep pouring in with wonderful words of encouragement, prayers and such genuine joy as we all expectantly await Gabriel's birth. Just today a very precious heart-mommy friend dropped off this sweet pressie for our little boy. Isn't it too darling!
The blessings just keep rolling in. Over the weekend a very faithful friend of mine gave my hair a wonderful cut, colour and blow dry to ensure that I feel pretty for the big day. Then this morning I was blessed with the yummiest gourmet breakie at the new Boardwalk Hotel. 
The 3 of us giggled and laughed like school girls in such a plush, elegant setting. Our laughter seemed to be on the contagious level as another guest dining alone behind us couldn't help joining in with all our laughter and banter. Ahhh ... joy is certainly the best medicine for the heart! (I have to add that though they were the most expensive poached eggs I've ever eaten, they were also the tastiest by a long shot! ;0) Thank-you my friend for such an 'eggseptional' spoil! ;0)
The Lord has gone out of the way to count down the last few days with one treat after the next. Every day I get hugs and sms's of excitement from precious friends! 
Tomorrow morning a friend who prayed me through every step of Zac's journey has booked a manicure and pedicure for me. I feel so spoiled! And straight after that another precious daughter of the King contacted me to ask if she could take some professional preggy photo's for me! I have never had that done in any of my pregnancies. So like the Lord to "go big" on our last pregnancy! 
Oh my goodness ... I just feel so humbled by so much love! Throughout this entire pregnancy we have been lavished with precious gifts for our boy, prayers of joy and encouragement and so much support. Once again I am declaring His unfailing goodness! Only Jesus can make beauty out of ashes. How I adore Him for all His steadfast love and kindness. 
All my love xxx

20 January 2013

4 ...

4 more sleeps ...
Such a sweet picture by the super talented Anne Geddes.
This mamma was too tired to pose for any new pics today ;0) About to climb in bed for an early night. 
Love always xxx

19 January 2013

5 ...

It's only 5 little more sleeps ...
 So I am taking time to sit in my rocking chair and soak up all of Mr. Gabe's busy antics within my womb. I will never take for granted the privilege it is to carry a precious child into this world. Today I am counting my many blessings.
All my love xxx

18 January 2013

3+3=6 more sleeps in the Robinson house!

3 + 3 = 6
6 more sleeps and these two beauties CANNOT WAIT
to lavish all their love on their little baby brother. 
Just another layer of restoration for me lately is seeing God restore their faith and joy. Their prayers for baby Gabe's upcoming birth are filled more and more with joy than the worry of saying goodbye to another brother. While it is still a process, this is big growth and healing. My prayer all throughout this pregnancy has been for the Lord to restore to them an innocent and worry-free outlook on pregnancy so that when they grow into the beautiful women, wives and mother-to-be that they will one day become ... their experiences of pregnancy will not be tainted with fear. God can and is doing this. Every moment of carrying Gabriel has been a joyful experience for us as a family. It has been filled with blessing and the very desires of each of our hearts. It takes my breath away to see how He CAN and DOES restore ... to the uttermost! Even though it does take time, we can rejoice in His faithfulness. 
Almost 16 months after immense loss ... I see joy in their little eyes! God has faithfully been walking them through the sea of emotions that comes with grief. God is restoring their precious little hearts. Instead of bitterness, anger and anguish, I can see bright-shinning traits of His tender handiwork on their hearts. Laughter comes bubbling out of them. They have a revelation of Heaven that is a testimony to others around them without them even knowing it! They talk about their little brother Zac with an ease and assurance that He is indeed alive and growing - just in Heaven instead of earth. It blesses me to hear other people sharing with me the things that they share. In these matters of the heart - they are wiser than their tender years. Just another pointer to the faithful love-in-action of our precious Jesus. I am so expectant to see their joy on the day of Gabe's birth. I cannot wait to see him in their arms!
God ... You are so good to us!
All my love xxx

17 January 2013

7 Sleeps!!!

This week I am truly feeling larger than life! My feet keep swelling up ... so I'm keeping my feet up!!!
 But the silver lining in this happy little story is that ... it's only 7 more sleeps!!!! Yaaaaaahooooooooooo!!!
I'm in absolute wonder that this time next week Thursday our sweet boy will be in our arms soaking up all our cuddles, smooches and oooh's and aaaah's! 
From one excited, swollen footed mamma ;-)
Janine xxx

16 January 2013

Back to school

I can hardly believe how quickly my little girls are growing into precious young ladies. Today was the start of their new school year. Grade 6 and grade 2! Daddy and Mr. Cosmo had to take a pose with these little beauties at the start of the day ;0)
They had a fantastic first day back at school. They are both so thrilled about their teachers for the year. It does my mommy heart happy to hear how excited they are to go back to school tomorrow! 

And seeing as we have been counting down ... 6 + 2 = 8! Yip ... 8 more sleeps!!!!
After covering all their books, this tired mommy is taking her swollen ankles off to bed. Night all.
Janine xxx 

15 January 2013

Today I'm ...

Today I'm ...

Proud of myself for stretching my brain as I've spent hours working out how to accommodate this new blog design!

Giggling to myself that it's only 9 more sleeps till sweet boy arrives in my arms (and I don't have to pay for any more heart burn medication! hee hee)

Enjoying the sound of my little girls laughter with their best friends as they soak up their last day of holidays before school (and homework!) starts tomorrow!

Taking joy in picking my favourite roses from Zac's garden to enjoy inside the house. These orange ones are my favourites! They are called King David roses. David is Zac's middle name :0) They smell beautiful. 

Doing a dance of joy for my friend Adeye who after months of waiting, finally has her precious Hasya in her arms and out of the orphanage and is getting her ready to take her home to her amazing forever family! (If you want to see what "love in action" really looks like, you need to spend some time over at her blog!).

About to make rolls for all the kids, me and hubbalicious so he can sneak home from work for lunch :) That's always a highlight in my day!!! (How blessed I am that he lives 2 minutes from home! Seriously spoilt I know!!!). 
Well I better get cracking on lunch! I have some hungry masses to look after ;0)

Big love to you today.xxx

14 January 2013

And the countdown begins ... 10 more sleeps!!!

There is such excitement in our house right now! In just 10 more sleeps we will be meeting our beloved Gabriel! We are all beside ourselves with joy. I keep dreaming about what this sweet baby boy looks like and what his little personality is going to be like. He is so loved and anticipated ... our blessing from Jesus!
So here's what I do know so far ... he has adorable cheeks just waiting to be smooched by his mama ;0)
He has strong little legs and feet that know how to kick really hard (especially when I decide to go to sleep at night)!
He is simply too wonderful for words!
To say that we are ready and excited is the understatement of the year! Everything is set out and waiting for his grand arrival! I love that as much as people ask my hubby how he feels about sleepless nights, changing nappies and going back to the baby phase after so many years, his response is the proudest, broadest beam ever! He simply can't wait! It makes my heart do flip flops to hear him express that he is more ready than ever! God has once again given him the desire of his heart. He gets to be daddy to 4 amazing children! 2 girls and 2 boys! That's a whole lot of blessing that takes our breath away and leaves our hearts forever thankful to our faithful Jesus.
So as an excited Mommy, I have to share a few pics of his room. I am just waiting for the jungle themed panels that Gabe's daddy is making for him to put on his wall. All the rest is done and ready. Here it is ...

I have loved doing up Gabe's room. Having a blue wall in the house makes me smile the biggest smile ever! For so long we have desired to raise a son. To finally know that we get to bring this son home and into our every day life as a family is such a privilege for us. His 2 big sisters already know which outfits they want to change him into ;0) 
When we decided on his nursery theme, we knew it had to be different from what we set up for Zac. Zac's room was a haven of peace for our "heart peace" baby boy. Greens and naturals. People have asked me if I regretted setting up the room for Zac knowing that he probably would never come home to it. The answer for me is no. It was our way of releasing our faith for His miracle. The day I came back from the hospital with empty arms after his "graduation into Glory" I asked the Lord why He had blessed us with so much for Zac. He simply whispered to my heart that He knew that I needed that. It also gave us the opportunity to bless others in need with what meant much to our hearts. And in the next breath He said "But you should see what I have prepared for him! Only the best Janni.". It brought me peace to know that my Jesus had gone above and beyond to create a special place filled with love, light, joy and peace for my little boy as he grows up in Heaven. 
So as we repainted and decorated Gabriel's room, it has become a room full of bright colours that represent joy! This is our child of joy and laughter. A jungle room fit for our little adventurer! Already in the womb he has been with me to 3 different Countries. I know that he will do many great adventurous exploits for his King Jesus!
As our countdown begins to our exciting day, I want to thank so many of you who have walked with us, prayed for us and loved us through our journey with Zac and who have encouraged me greatly in our pregnancy with Gabriel. It has been so wonderful for Brett and I to feel everybody's joy over our precious gift of restoration. We will all be celebrating so soon together!!! And oh yes ... the photo's will keep coming :0)  
All my love as always xxx