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My husband, Brett and I live in beautiful South Africa and have been blessed with the most precious family. We have 2 very beautiful and brave daughters, Tianna and Angelee and a very precious little boy called Zac who touched our hearts forever in his 1 day here on earth. We never would have imagined that we would have to live this side of Heaven without our sweet boy who was born with half a heart, but every day Jesus carries us through and is teaching us more than ever how to live, laugh and love fully. A year and a half later, our faithful Great Restorer graciously blessed us once again with another son ... our beloved Gabriel ... a ray of sunshine in all our lives! This blog has been a place where I have been able to journal my journey through loss, hope and choosing to live a life rich in love.

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20 August 2012

Hubby's 40th and a WONDERFUL suprise!

Today I get to celebrate the most handsome and loving man I know. My gorgeous, darling Brett.
My darling ... you enrich the lives of ALL who know you well. You have always been an anchor in my life and have been so stable and consistent from the day I met you. Our children love and adore you and are blessed to have you as their Daddy. Today we celebrate the amazing man of character that you are. You have never pretended to be perfect ... but in my eyes, you are pure gold! The real deal! You show me the nature of God in many ways. We love and celebrate you, not just today ... but every day!
So what do you give your beloved for his 40th birthday? Especially a man who likes to choose his own gifts. After much thought, I found a totally inexpensive gift that is more priceless than any precious jewel. I booked a scan! And guess what we got to see at this special scan ...
Our precious baby boy! That's right. The doctor is pretty convinced we are carrying a precious, healthy baby boy. I wish I could capture Brett and the girls smiles and joy. It was a wild gynie appointment. First he thought it was a girl, then the more he looked, the more convinced he was that it is a boy. Either way we are all overjoyed. By the last scan we were all pretty much convinced that this is a boy. If you look closely, you may just spot the evidence ;0) hee hee. The next scan will confirm for certain, but our gynie is pretty convinced. One thing is for sure, this little one is thoroughly loved and celebrated!
My next post might be in a little while. I am getting ready to fly over to the US on Wednesday with my sister to spend some special time with my mom. So many delightful things taking place in my life right now. I am going to sleep with a heart fully aware of my many blessings.
Goodnight to you all.
All my love xxx

17 August 2012

Breathtaking Mauritius

Where to begin after the most glorious romantic week away with my handsome husband in a place that is sure to be the closest thing to the "promised land". Sigh!!! Beautiful Mauritius captured our hearts completely. Here is the mother-load of pictures from our little get away ;0)
 Excited smiles at the airport as we got ready for our 4 hour flight to paradise :0) We arrived at the hotel quite late, but were still greeted to an amazing buffet supper.
 Our first morning was totally overcast, but gloriously warm. Such a welcome relief from the freezing cold and rain of our Winter Port Elizabeth. I wish our winter's were the same sunny warmth of Mauritius winter. Pure bliss!!! The above pic is our first snap of the day from our balcony. Too stunning to open the curtains to palm trees and beach.
 With the weather a little drizzly we set off to a local market to find our little girls some island sarongs. That market was a serious lesson in crowds, interesting smells (seriously! There was a butcher in amongst all the clothes!!!) and good natured bartering! Good fun and some fabulous bargains.
Despite the huge rainclouds, there was no way we were going to miss one day in that glorious Mauritius clear sea on our first day there.
So we paddled, grinned the heck out of ourselves, smiled until our cheeks hurt and kept laughing that we were actually swimming in WARM WATER in winter!!! Oh how I LOVE that little island!
 Next up let me show you around our peaceful little room.
 I loved the neutral tones.
 Such a calm, peaceful environment.
 The bathroom.
 A perfect little reading nook on our balcony that overlooks the sea and gardens when we needed to get away for some r&r.
And this is a look at the front of the chalets. (The red dot on the first floor is my marvelous man).
By the second day the weather was much clearer. We really got to enjoy the beach each day till we left.
 That's me swimming in the clearest warm waters I've ever had the joy of encountering!
 Your stay is not complete until you meet the determined beach hawkers. We had some great laughs with these locals who walk the beach for hours selling their wares to the tourists.
This is a beautiful view of the stretch of beach our hotel is situated on. I would recommend a week away at Sugar Beach anytime. So peaceful and the staff so warm and accommodating.
 Our beach pictures would not be complete without a few snaps of the magnificent sunsets.
 This one was taken from our balcony.
I just adored those beach huts!
Our mornings were greeted with the most decadent spreads of breakfast enjoyed alongside the pools or indoors. I have never seen so many breakfast options! It is just one of those holidays where you eat and eat and eat!
 After filling up on all the gourmet options, there was always space left for the amazing pastries. There was just no way I could try them all. There is literally 2 dedicated long tables just for the patries! EVERY morning!!! Oy vey!!!
 Everyday we lazed at the pools (yes that's me in the far distance! There is just no ways you are going to see me up close in my bikini after all those pastries ;0) hee hee!
 This particular pool is so huge that I could not fit it all in one picture. It follows along the entire front of the property and grooves around the breakfast and supper tables. So beautiful.
 The water was so warm and most days I loved doing their water aerobics classes. A perfect way to justify those pastries and deserts!!!
 This is their infinity pool. The views were so breathtaking.
I absolutely loved this tree and how the loungers were in the water. And as for that gorgeous looking man in the photo, I was so taken with him that I took him right home with me at the end of the holiday ;0) What a blessed girl I am!
 I couldn't get over the fact that there were no waves! We paddled out together on this double canoe. A hysterical test for any marriage when when you both have different, clear ideas of where you should be going! hee hee! I definitely learned I may have a few control issues to yet conquer ;0) It was definitely worth the giggles though.
 I loved the boat rides out to see the fish in the glass bottom boat and also to take in the surroundings.
 Nothing like a virgin cocktail for this preggy mama on a hot day to soothe the soul. I miss all that coconut!!!
And as if we weren't eating enough, every afternoon they served us chocolate or cinnamon sugar pancakes at the pool.
 Every evening brought a new theme of buffet cooking.
I couldn't capture how big this banquet hall of food was. There were tables laden with something for everyone! Salads, pasta's, pizza, Asian cuisine, roast meats, vegetarian meals, poultry, fish ... on and on ... full of wonderful foods I have never tried before. A lavish spread. How I wish everyone I know could all come have a week in this beautiful place designed to give r&r to the stressed and tired.
 And in case you hadn't eaten enough, this is a separate section designated for desert! It is one of 2 different tables. Amazing treats for everyone!
 Each night they had live music and shows to entertain. These cancan dancers danced in front of our dinner table on the French themed dinner evening. Such beautiful costume and friendly smiles.
 The talented belly dancers.
 And the graceful Saga dancers.
The resort by night.
 Such beauty from the sea to the gardens.
 One of the highlights was the snorkeling.
 I was quite nervous, but hubby patiently showed me what to do and off we went.
 Hi honey!!!
 Woops, there's that bikini shot I promised not to show. Oh well.
 Amazing coral and interesting fishes.
 Hello fishy. They were so quizzy!!! They swam right up to us to check us out! Freaked me out a bit!!!
Loved this one!
 My handsome, tanned man nearing the end of our wonderful, romantic get away. 15 years later and I love him more now than ever ... and I loved him a whole lot to start off with!!!
 "Hitching a ride" on our trip into Flic 'n Flac (the little town down the road from our hotel). Can you see my almost 4 month belly making an appearance!!! I'm mighty proud of this bump! Baby has been hard at work growing! I'm sure all the pastries and deserts helped him or her along ;0) 
 I loved this palm tree.
 My handsomeness and my favourite palm tree again.
Well lovely Isle Maurice ... all we can say is thank you for your most hospitable stay in your beautiful land! You truly must have been hand-made from Father God. A haven to all who visit you. How blessed we have been by our Heavenly Father to have been given this opportunity to get away together and enjoy the warmth and love in this special place. I already dream of another adventure back in this beautiful country!

All my love xxx