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My husband, Brett and I live in beautiful South Africa and have been blessed with the most precious family. We have 2 very beautiful and brave daughters, Tianna and Angelee and a very precious little boy called Zac who touched our hearts forever in his 1 day here on earth. We never would have imagined that we would have to live this side of Heaven without our sweet boy who was born with half a heart, but every day Jesus carries us through and is teaching us more than ever how to live, laugh and love fully. A year and a half later, our faithful Great Restorer graciously blessed us once again with another son ... our beloved Gabriel ... a ray of sunshine in all our lives! This blog has been a place where I have been able to journal my journey through loss, hope and choosing to live a life rich in love.

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30 November 2009

Contemplating His open arms

I've mentioned before that my hubby and I facilitate engaged couples courses - I just love it!! The privilege of walking with couples at such an exciting time in their lives. So often I sense the Father's smile as He watches the celebration of love between these precious couples. It makes me glimpse just how much God loves to lavish His love on us. When I see how "love struck" some of the couples are - how they can see no fault in each other ... I am challenged anew with the strength of God's love that blots out our transgressions when we repent and looks at us with with an everlasting, all embracing love.  His love is so refreshing ... always drawing us close with open arms. May you sense His drawing love today and be encouraged by His promise of a new start every day.

"I, even I, am He who blots out
your transgressions
for My own sake;
And I will not remember your sins."
Isaiah 43:25

"I have blotted out, like a thick
cloud, your trangressions,
And like a cloud, your sins.
Return to Me, for I have redeemed you."
Isaiah 44:22

27 November 2009

Counting my Blessings ... "One ... two ... three ..."

The role of motherhood is not always glamorous nor easy. I choose to live my life as an open book and the honest truth is that this week I haven't exactly been practicing too much thankfulness - naughty I know, in light of the whole "Thanksgiving" reminders from my American friends. I guess, sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to survive the roller coaster ride of parenthood that when the day finally comes to an end and I see how short I fall, because, let's face it ... kids know how to expose the downright u-g-l-y in us at times ;) ... I wonder when I am ever going to get it all right?! I even contemplated trying to come up with a new blog name ... I mean "love in action" is hard to keep practicing when you have a strong willed child who just HAS TO test every last one of your boundaries and parenting pointers.  An illustration for you ... I decided to teach my girls about the whole Thanksgiving tradition in the US. My mom has been living in VA for the last 4 years so I have picked up on some of the beautiful traditions through her and my new American friends. Well, as I started explaining it to my eldest, she burst out into a huge tantrum DEVASTATED that she had to go to school this week when she now knows that the kids over in the great US of A are having some good ol family time off school :-) Ahhh .... kids ... You can always count on them to keep you grounded! I stood there confounded by how we had gone from a lesson in thankfulness to a full on temper tantrum?!
Anyway - it took a few days to get the "thankfulness" to finally kick in a little and she even managed to be happy for those having a few days off school :) How nice! So now here I am examining my own heart to practice thankfulness too. After having a good chance to think about it ...
1) I am thankful that I have 2 strong little girls who aren't ever going to be push-overs, but are warrior princesses in the God's Kingdom :o) I am thankful for the daily lessons that I learn through them. The Lord continues to teach me so many valuable lessons as I am drawn to my knees daily through this role of parenthood.
2) I am so thankful for the strong man that God has given me who treasures his family. That in itself is a treasure ... a family that treasures each other. I can honestly say that I am a woman who knows that I am celebrated and treasured. My heart aches for those who don't always feel that way.
3) My greatest joy comes from knowing that God treasures us ALL as His very favorite!!!  That truth alone is worth celebrating each day!!!
Now that I am counting my blessings ... I realise what a good week it actually has been. I've made new memories with my girls ... I've met new friends ... I've touched hearts with old friends ... I'm anticipating special family time in December when my family all gets together for the holidays ... I've learned new truths and gained more wisdom ... I've been kissed by the most handsome man in the world ... sigh! It's been a good week.

24 November 2009

Oh how He loves us ...

I read a post today that reminded me just how much attention to detail God pays to each of us. Sometimes in our everyday journeys through this adventure of life we forget to look out for His little reminders of love. For one friend ... it was a surprise present in the post on her first birthday without her mom. For another friend this week it was the miraculous way that God confirmed His will in their adoption and was able to draw away all her fears with His perfect love. For someone close to my heart it is the precious new love that God has finally crossed her path with ... and for me, it was having tea with a new friend who God has drawn out of witchcraft and into His glorious light and freedom. Just seeing the peace in my new friend has refreshed my heart at knowing how dearly God loves us and how He longs for our freedom and abundant life. I am going to be much more aware of His little "love messages" to me this week ...

Click the link below to hear my most favorite song about God's awesome love for us. It is sung by Kim Walker and the song is called "He loves us".

23 November 2009

Moments of Sheer Delight

I had one of those days ... you know those ones when nothing seems to cheer you up?! I have had my neck in a brace with such a sore neck for days. The Chiropractor has tried to click it into place, the physio has tried to manipulate it, they've x-rayed it and all I can see is my "Christmas budget" flying out the window while the bills pile up and they just can't work out why the heck it is so sore. Anyway ... after gulping back the payment for the x-rays that revealed NOTHING ... I just kinda sat back and had a good old sulk ... and then I bumped into the loveliest little blog that brought a smile to my face ... it's called "Sweet tea and biscuits". Well it did the trick for me. It inspired me to take my stiff-sore neck off into the kitchen and whip up a yummy batch of comfort peanut butter-choc-chip cookies. Sigh!!! Nothing beats the smell of cookies baking in the oven. In no time I could feel the edges of my mouth tip up into a little tentative smile ... and when they were finally out the oven ... Miss Jan found her giggle again :-) 

They may not look picture perfect... but boy of boy ... with a yummy cuppa tea on the side ... I almost didn't want to share ;o)

But being the good and kind mommy that I am ... I whipped up a BIG enough batch to share with my precious little darlings. Just look at those cookie-crumble faces. It's enough to melt the tension out of any old stiff neck!!

19 November 2009

A fresh new look

After yesterday's post about adding some "freshness" into my days ... I decided to freshen up my blog page. This is one of the many things that I love about being a woman ... we can do "pretty" on all that we touch ;)

I am just loving the colour green at the moment! It is just so fresh and alive ... the colour of life!!

16 November 2009

Rise and Shine

Oh my goodness ... 3 months since I last posted??? What's up with this crazy pace of life?! Thank goodness that here in South Africa we are in the last school term and it is almost holiday time!!! 1 more month. Yippeee!!
I must admit that I had quite a grumpy day yesterday. Maybe it's just that end-of-year, worn out feeling. All the routine of keeping everything together with the kids and family. But I woke up to a glorious day today - so full of sunshine and so fresh.
As a wife of 12 years and mother of 2 for the last 8 years ... I recon there is a lesson in there for me. It must be possible for me (a not-so-friendly morning person) to wake up and bring sunshine and "fresh air" to those around me. How do we keep things "fresh" in our relationships?
I hear His quiet voice saying to me ... "Start by receiving the refreshing breeze of My love washing over you.". I feel it in the cool breeze that touches my face. I see it in the way the light makes everything so vivid and exciting outside my window. And so I sit here and smile today. His love is so refreshing isn't it? It's enough to draw out all the discouragement and stir new hope for a new day. That's what I am taking into this new day ... His freshness! Fresh love, fresh hope, fresh faith. I'm sure that is going to be quite refreshing to those around me ;-)