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Janine Claire Robinson
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Welcome to my little writing corner. I count my many blessings to be a cherished wife and an ever-learning-loving-growing mother to 3 amazing children this side of Heaven and a precious little boy in Heaven. Together as a family we pastor a precious church community called Redeeming Hope Church. I've had the privilege of loving and following Jesus Christ since my earliest memories as a child. No matter what I've gone through in life, He has always been so present. At heart, I'm an encourager ... so this is a place where I get to wear my heart on my sleeve and share my journey of learning to live a life of love in action.

A fragrance in the wind

One of the things I loved about my visits to America when my mom used to live there was how distinct the seasons are. Autumn and Spring absolutely took my breath away with the visual beauty of the trees showcasing the seasons change. (I still keep some pressed autumn leaves in one of my Bible's as a special keepsake). Here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa our Spring is finally alive in colour as we get ready to welcome Summer. The days are warmer, the sun is setting later and the blooms are alive in colour which all makes my heart smile. Nature truly is like medicine to the soul.

These are usually quite wind swept months for us, but as I took a walk outside, the smell of my 'yesterday, today and tomorrow' shrub in full bloom made me stop to take in the moment. This little bush always tells me when Spring has finally arrived. I wish you could smell it! It has such a sweet perfume, quite similar to the smell of jasmine.  Even though it's not particularly big, it astounds me how far it's fragrance carries. While I sit here typing away on my veranda, its beautiful fragrance is carried on the breeze and the simplicity of this quiet little moment absolutely lifts my heart.  

It amazes me how the beauty of this fragrance has had the ability to change my mood. It makes me stop and think about the atmosphere that I create and how that has the ability to either lift up or bring down whoever is around me. Just like this sweet fragrance, I want the essence of my heart attitudes to uplift and bring calm even amongst the daily chaos of living in a busy home. Too often, I can allow the stresses of life, a headache or my tiredness of the day affect my mood which in turn can steal the joy out of our home and my 'vibe' with whoever I am around. This sweet fragrance today is my simple little reminder to be more mindful of the influence and atmosphere that I have the ability to create. 

I'm always so grateful for the way nature "speaks" to my heart. 

Much love,




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What interesting days we are living in! 2020 sure is absolutely nothing like anything any one of us could ever have anticipated. I have to laugh thinking back at my excitement at the beginning of the year of choosing my diary for the year ahead. My husband always laughs at how excited I get to fill out a new diary. He's all tech savvy and I'm old school when it comes to pretty stationary and books. This particular diary may just be the prettiest one I've chosen to date, but it's also become the most least used one that I've ever owned. πŸ˜‚ None the less ... as I was contemplating life today on day 133 of lockdown here in South Africa, I finally found the urge to start writing again. So here goes my current ponderings about lessons I'm learning in lockdown.  I'm calling this one "The Hidden Gift in a World set on Pause" ...  Reflection is an interesting lens to look through. It often highlights moments in our life where we wish we had done certain

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